About The Data

CrashMap uses data collected by the police about road traffic crashes occurring on British roads where someone is injured. This data is approved by the National Statistics Authority and reported on by the Department for Transport each year. This site uses data obtained directly from official sources but compiled in to an easy to use format showing each incident on a map. Incidents are plotted to within 10 metres of their location and as such, can sometimes appear to be off the carriageway. The CrashMap team accept no responsibility for errors within the data and all queries relating to accuracy should be directed to the appropriate authority. If you would like to understand more about how the data is collated and reported please visit the Department for Transport’s publication Reported Road Casualties Great Britain.

The data includes all incidents up to the end of 2015 and will be updated as soon as the latest data is released by the Department for Transport (which happens around the end of June every year).

To make each report as accessible as possible to users of the site, the report is broken up into 2 clear sections.

Part 1 deals with the information that you are most likely to want to understand about the incident such as when it happened, at what time of day, how serious was the incident, how many vehicles were involved, how many casualties were there, what type of road was it on or what was the weather like.

Part 2 then provides much more detailed information if you need it about each vehicle and casualty to allow you to get an understanding of the types of vehicle, the gender and age bands of any casualties, the gender and age bands of any drivers, what manoeuvre the vehicle was performing at the time of the incident.

When you purchase any report from CrashMap you get the full report which you can download and use freely. To see a sample report, please click this link