CrashMap Pro

We recognise that CrashMap is a fantastic resource for casual users but road safety professionals require other features and access to many crash records. We have historically offered unlimited access to public sector organisations for a reduced annual fee of £99+VAT. Please use the contact us page to set up your account.

We are also now offering an advanced version called CrashMap Pro. This product is currently in development but already offers the following features:

You can view a demo version with a limited data set here CrashMap Pro Demo

We recommend viewing the How-To-Guide as well to ensure you are aware of all current features.

Pricing is currently set at £395+VAT for public sector organisations and £795+VAT for commercial companies. We are currently undergoing a consultation process with our existing customers to ensure the features meet their requirements, as well as creating a list of advanced features and data sources for future versions.

If you are a local authority that would like a version of CrashMap to embed on your website, or you would like to discuss options for creating a private data portal which contains a live database please get in touch directly.