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How It Works

Here's how CrashMap works:

Official data is published by Department for Transport

We only use official data published by the Department for Transport which is based on records submitted to them by police forces.

Our data is updated annually each summer for the preceding year, although we do receive provisional in-year updates.
For more information view the FAQ section.

Personal injury accidents records

The records relate only to personal injury accidents on public roads that are reported to the police, and subsequently recorded, using the STATS19 accident reporting form.

Information on damage-only accidents, with no human casualties or accidents on private roads or car parks are not included in this data.

Access to the online map

Access to the online map including basic information about the crashes is available free of charge.

You are welcome to quote the figures, and take screen images plus please credit www.crashmap.co.uk and follow the other rules in our FAQ

Access detailed reports by purchasing credits

If you want to access a more detailed report you will need to register and purchase one or more credits.

Prices are reduced significantly for bulk purchases – check out the FAQ for more details and to view a sample report.

CrashMap Pro

The crash reporting tool for road safety professionals

CrashMap Pro Demonstration

Please take a few minutes to review the video above then click on the link to our fully-featured demonstration version CrashMap Pro Demo

Please do read the How-To-Guide to ensure you are aware of all of the current features.

Annual subscriptions:

*Prices exclude VAT at standard UK rates.

We are able to offer bespoke versions of CrashMap Pro with additional features including more data, and more frequent updates for public sector users. For more information about our work including UK case studies please visit our corporate website.

Please contact us if you are considering replacing your existing collision analysis software.

Our Portfolio

Agilysis and its associated companies Road Safety Analysis and Insight Warehouse provide a number of services using their expertise and knowledge of the sector. This includes:

If you would like to know more please Visit our main website


We receive many emails each week asking questions about CrashMap and have compiled this FAQ list of the most common questions.

Please do read through the list and feel free to get in touch if your question isn’t answered here or elsewhere on the website.

1How up-to-date is the information?

We rely on published data from the Department for Transport to populate the map and associated reports.
The official annual release occurs in the summer for the previous year, although we are often in a position to obtain some provisional data for the first six months of the year each December / January.
This provisional data is subject to change and does not form a comprehensive record.
CrashMap Data: Great Britain 1999 - 2022 (verified)
CrashMap Pro Data: Great Britain 2013 - 2022 (verified)

2Why do you charge?

We spent a lot of time and effort creating the website and of course, we also have to pay for hosting.
We think a small charge for those that require access to the detailed reports is a great way of ensuring the rest of the information is kept open to the public free of charge.

3How much do reports cost?

Once you are registered you can go to the My Account section and review the latest pricing in the Purchase Credits section.
Single credits are £1 (inc VAT) with packages available up to 500 credits at significant discounts.

4How do I use the credits?

After you purchased the credits, go to the map and find the crash you are interested in. Click on it then click on 'View Detailed Report' to download the PDF report to your device.

5Can I have a VAT receipt?

Yes, please use the Contact Us form.

6Do you offer free credits to charities, education establishments, parish councils etc?

We are unable to offer free accounts sadly although we are always willing to listen to groups who have an interest in road safety research and will provide advice and assistance where we can.

7Can I get unlimited access instead of buying credits one at a time?

Yes! We have a new system developed for organisations who need access to UK-wide data without the need to buy hundreds or thousands of individual reports. Check out the CrashMap Pro page for more information.

8Can I cancel my account?

Yes, simply go to the My Account page and click ‘delete my account’. All of your details will then be removed from the website. This will also delete any records of reports you have purchased so please ensure you have backup copies downloaded first.

9Do you hold an personal data about me and what about GDPR?

We do not hold any personal data relating to people or vehicles involved in collisions. We don't have access to telephone numbers, names, addresses, numberplates etc.
If you have registered on the website we will have your name and email address plus records of any reports purchased.

10Can I see a sample report?

Yes – Please click here to see a sample report

11I work for a media organisation, can I request an interview about a specific stretch of road?

We do accept requests to talk about the website, road safety data, as well as possible solutions. We are a team of road safety experts and are always keen to ensure that the public are well informed of risk on the road and how they can play their part - Please call 01295 731811

11What type of crashes are recorded on your map?

All accidents that happened on the public highway, involved at least one vehicle, resulted in an injury to at least one person and were reported to the police are included. Animal injuries, near misses, damage to property and incidents which have not been reported to the police, are not included.

12Can I print out your map?

You are welcome to quote the figures, takes screenshots, and use the information for whatever purpose you like but please:

  • do quote www.crashmap.co.uk as the source
  • be prepared to acknowledge the DfT as the source of the information
  • acknowledge Google for the background map

13I can't see how to zoom in and out of the map in crashmap.co.uk

There are plus and minus zoom bottoms on the bottom right of the map. To see these you may need to scroll down a little.

14What are the IT requirements?

CrashMap Website:
• Any modern web-browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera)
• PDF reader for downloaded reports

CrashMap Pro:
• As CrashMap plus Microsoft Excel for the Downloadable templates

15I am having problems in getting any information on the screen in crashmap.co.uk. I cannot bring up any accident data?

These difficulties can indicate a browser caching issue and in order to resolve this, the user needs to refresh their browser by pressing Ctrl+F5.

16What are your terms and conditions?

Click here to open terms and conditions.

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