We receive many emails each week asking questions about CrashMap and have compiled this FAQ list of the most common questions. Please do read through the list and feel free to get in touch if your question isn’t answered here or elsewhere on the website

We update the information as soon as we can after receiving the official data from the Department for Transport. This occurs annually and in 2017 and 2018 it was in late September. It is expected that this will revert to the last-June date in future

We are only able to display the information collected and approved for release by the Department for Transport. This includes information about the crash circumstances, casualties, drivers and vehicles. A sample report is available for download. Personal details are restricted along with contributory factors as they may be sensitive. Individual police forces or local authorities may release this data upon request but this has not been agreed at a national level. Information about crash descriptions is often recorded by police officers but this does not form part of the data submission to the DfT and we therefore do not hold it. Again this is something that may be released by individual authorities depending on the nature of the text.

We spent a lot of time and effort creating the website and of course, we also have to pay for hosting. We think a small charge for those that require access to the detailed reports is a great way of ensuring the rest of the information is keep open to the public free of charge

Once you are registered you can go to the My Account section and review the latest pricing in the Purchase Credits section. Single credits are £1 (inc VAT) with packages available up to 500 credits at significant discounts.

Yes, please use the contact us button

Yes! We have a new system developed for organisations who need access to UK-wide data without the need to buy hundreds or thousands of individual reports. Check out the Premium Services page for more information.

Yes, simply go to the My Account page and click ‘delete my account’. All of your details will then be removed from the website. This will also delete any records of reports you have purchased so please ensure you have backup copies downloaded first. .

We do not hold personal data relating to people or vehicles involved in collisions. We don't have access to telephone numbers, names, addresses, numberplates etc. If you have registered on the website we will have your name and email address plus records of any reports purchased

Yes - link

We do accept requests to talk about the website, road safety data, as well as possible solutions. We are a team of road safety experts and are always keen to ensure that the public are well informed of risk on the road and how they can play their part - Please call 01295 731811

Yes, but please make sure you acknowledge the source of the data (DfT) as well as Google (for the map) and

IT Requirements:
• Accessed through internet browser (Google or Firefox)
• Annual ArcGIS license (supplied with purchased)
• PDF reader - reports
• MS Excel - data exports